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Innovation. Value. Solutions. Our Core Values.

About IVS Group, Inc

IVS Group was founded in 1972 and is comprised of 4 separate divisions that encompass a wide range of specialty services contractors. Our clients are a global "Who's Who" of metal, chemical, petrochemical, mining, energy, forestry, glass, plastic, transportation and specialty gas producers. In addition, we provide services to a variety of local, municipal and federal government agencies. Our customers establish and require the highest standards of safety, performance and value. We routinely exceed our customers expectations; that is why we still have our first customer.

Our People

Our people are second to none. We have some of the industries most experienced and highly trained professionals. Our employees average 10 years specific industry experience each and our management average exceeds 20 years. People servicing people with an unyielding desire to improve the performance of our clients expectations.

Industry Affiliations

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