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Industrial Services

IVS Group offers a complete range of industrial maintenance and cleaning services for  industrial, manufacturing, transportation, and power generation facilities to allow for optimal operating conditions.

IVS Group's Industrial Services Division offers the experience your organization needs in industrial cleaning, and maintenance solutions. Our commitment to excellence and safety are just some of the reasons our clients consist of the largest companies in their industry.

Our services include:

● Metal (cold) Cutting
● Water Jetting
● Wet and Dry Vacuum Services
● Pipe Jetting and Video Inspection
● Industrial Rentals

IVS is a trusted Industrial Services Provider for the following Companies

● Tank Cleaning
● Coatings Removal
● Hydro-Excavation Services
● Outage maintenance
● Boiler Cleaning

Our fleet includes more than 215 mobile service units, including:

● 75 Vacuum Trucks - Wet & Dry
● 4 Liquid Rings
● 3 Hydro Excavation Units
● 80 Water Blasting Units (3k to 40k psi)
● 2 UHP Metal Cutters
● 4 Chemical Circulators
● 10 Roll Off Trucks / 7 Tractors
● 1 ATL-5000 HP Bundle Cleaners
● 4 CCTV Camera Trucks
● 2 Dive Trailers

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