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IVS Group Services

IVS Group and it's subsidaries and divisions offer the following services nationwide.

Industrial Services
Water Jetting, Video Inspections,
Hydro Wash and Vacuum Cleaning Services.

Metal (cold) Cutting
Water Jetting Services
Wet and Dry Vacuum Services
Pipe Jetting and Video Inspection
Tank Cleaning
Coatings Removal
Hydro-Excavation Services

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Computer Controlled Robotic High Pressure
Hydrodemolition of Concrete Surfaces.

Bridge Decks
Elevated Roadways
Marine Piers
Vertical Walls and Arches
Warehouse Flooring
Tunnels (360' HD)
*New Dry HD @40k Service (Reduced Water Usage)

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Industrial Rentals
Roll Off Boxes & Trucks
Vacuum Boxes and Frac Tanks Rentals

Roll-Off Placement
De-Watering Box Rentals
Vacuum Box Rentals
Roll-Off Box Rentals
Frac Tank Rentals

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Silo Services
Silo and Bulk Storage Services through our Wholly
Owned Subsidiary - Industrial SiloSource

Interior Cleaning
Structural Repairs
Repair Services
Certified Engineering
Exterior Coatings Application

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Commercial Diving
Commercial Diving and Marine Services Through
Our Wholly Owned Subsidary Underwater Services.

Underwater Intake Screen Cleaning
Underwater Metals Cutting
Underwater Inspections
Diving Services
Video Inspection of Lines

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Specialized Services

Dry Ice Blasting
Sludge Pond Cleaning
Dredge Services (manned and remote control)
Geo-Tube ® De-Watering Bags
Hydraulic Submersible Pumps
Automated 40k Tank Cutting / Metal Cutting
Cured in Place Pipe Remediation
Tank and Manhole Epoxy Rehabilitation

Divisional Contacts

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IVS Hydro Inc.
Mid-Ohio Valley Operations
15903 Emerson Ave.
Waverly, WV 26184
24 Hour Dispatch 800-756-0089 (Nationwide)
Lindsey Adkins - Operations Manager

IVS Hydro Inc.
Kanawha Valley Operations
1439 First Ave. South
Nitro, WV 268184
Dave Griffis - Operations Manager

IVS Hydro Inc.
167 Clinton Drive
Parkersburg, WV 26101
JR Allison - Operations Manager

Industrial SiloSource, Inc.
2444 Williams Highway
Williamstown, WV 26187
Phil Waterman - Operations Manager

Underwater Services
1435 First Avenue
Nitro, WV 26818
Mike Taylor

IVS Group
Corporate Office
PO Box 457
Institute, WV 25112
Jeremy Johnson - Operations Manager
Tel: 304.768.4307
Fax: 304.768.5596

IVS Hydrodemolition Services
Joe Romine - Nationwide Sales
859. 625.5467