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Industrial Services

Our Industrial Services Division provides a wide array of services from Dry & Wet Vacuum Service, Hydro-excavation, Boiler Cleaning, Sand Blasting, Coatings Removal, and much more.

Hydrodemolition & Construction

Hydrodemolition employs high-pressure water to scarify or fully eliminate concrete surfaces, exposing the underlying rebar for potential reuse. We have applied our technique extensively to bridges, tunnels, walls, and diverse surfaces, yielding meticulously prepared foundations that expedite project timelines. Leveraging this expertise, We expanded our scope to encompass Specialty Concrete and Construction Services.

Commercial Diving

IVS Group provides commercial diving services through our wholly owned subsidiary Underwater Services. Our experienced dive teams are ready to tackle any diving project from underwater repairs to inspections we offer a comprehensive line of diving services.

Silo Services

IVS Group provides silo engineering, inspections, and repair services through our wholly-owned subsidiary Industrial Silo Source.

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IVS Group, Inc

About Us

Established in 1972, IVS Group is a collection of companies offering a diverse spectrum of specialized services within industries such as metal, chemical, petrochemical, mining, energy, forestry, glass, plastic, transportation, and specialty gas production. Our customers include a global array of key players in these sectors.

Our commitment extends to collaborating with numerous local, municipal, and federal government entities. These partnerships are characterized by exacting safety, performance, and value benchmarks, which we consistently surpass, as evidenced by our enduring relationship with our inaugural client.


For more than 50 years IVS Group has built a culture of safety and well being. Our priority is to ensure the health and safety of all of our employees, customers and partners. We offer industry leading training to create a work environment that minimizes risk, prevents accidents and promotes a proactive approach to safety.

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